Milhaven Homes AssociationPolicies

Compliance concern? Read below or contact Jane Maas or the Property Manager to report a compliance issue. Milhaven Homes Association bylaws mirror the city of Mission's codes. Reporting a problem to the Homes Association allows the issue to be addressed quickly and confidentially. Unresolved problems will be referred to Mission's code violations department.

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Milhaven Homes Association / Mission City Ordinances

Residents in Milhaven may not be familiar with some of the Mission city ordinances which may affect them.  The following is an abbreviated list of requirements for your information.  If you would like details regarding these items, please contact the Public Works Department at Mission City Hall or a Milhaven Homes Association board member.  Telephone numbers are listed in the Milhaven directory.

Solid Waste/Recycling Collection

1. Collection time is between 7 am and 7 pm every Friday, except holidays listed below. Click  for more detail on regulations pertaining to trash pickup in Mission.

2. No containers are to be in front of existing building setback lines except on collection day.  Residents who place or leave trash/yard waste out for extended periods of time prior to collection detract from the appearance of the neighborhood.

3. Large items will be picked up and are to be placed near the curb on the first Friday of each month.  These should be set out after 6 pm on the Thursday before pickup day.

In the event a holiday as listed below occurs during the week prior to collection day, collection will be made one day later. 

    • New Year’s Day
    • Dr. Martin Luther King’s Birthday (observed on a Monday)
    • Memorial Day (observed on a Monday)
    • July 4th
    • Labor Day (observed on a Monday)
    • Thanksgiving
    • Christmas

Trees & Shrubs

Trees should be trimmed 12 feet above street level and 8 feet above sidewalks or a usually traveled pedestrian walkway.

Fences & Screens

A fence in a front or side yard abutting a street is not to be more than 2 feet high.  A fence in the back yard can be up to 6 feet high.

Parking Regulations

Trucks, boats, campers etc. must be parked in the garage, in the back or side yard behind the front building line.

All garages should maintain space to allow at least one car to be parked inside.


No household shall own or harbor more than two dogs or cats without a special permit.  It is unlawful to keep an animal which disturbs the peace of the neighborhood.

Burning of Leaves

The burning of leaves or other yard waste is not permitted in the City of Mission.


No detached garage or outbuildings of any kind or character may be erected on any of the lots hereby restricted without the written permission of adjoining neighbors and the Milhaven Homes Association.  Additionally, certain permits and approvals may be required from the City of Mission for such construction.

Property Maintenance

Residences and their surrounding properties are to be maintained in such manner as not to become health or safety hazards to residents and their neighbors or to become a “blighting influence on other properties in the area”.  Examples of such violations of this ordinance include disrepair, structural defects, unsightly natural growth, dead trees, stored materials and violations of health, fire or building codes.

Stormwater Drains / Drainage Creek

No dumping of yard waste, tree branches, solid pollutants is permitted in or near any storm drain or drainage creek. Properties of residents back to the drainage creek must keep plant growth trimmed away from the creek and remove fallen branches or brush within 5' of creek. Dumping of liquid waste pollutants such as motor oil, paint, chemicals, etc, are prohibited and could result in prosecution.